StudentCom Gaming help
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Author: The Editor
Q: How do I sign up for this month's competition?
A: To join a tournament you must change your GamerTag, this process will automatically enrol you into the tournament. To change your GamerTag, login to the My Account area and open the 'Update Details' section, then click the 'Change GamerTag' link.
If you already have a GamerTag, it will be displayed in the 'Current GamerTag' box, otherwise this box will be empty. Enter a new GamerTag in the 'New GamerTag' box, then click the 'Save' button to complete the process.
Q: I've entered into a tournament. How do I connect to your servers?
Open the Steam Client.
Click View > Servers, this is located in the top left area of the Steam Client.
Click the Favorites tab.
Click the ADD A SERVER button, situated bottom right.
In the Add Servers box which appears, enter the server name or IP address along with the port number, then click the ADD THIS ADDRESS TO FAVORITES button,
For the newly added server to appear in the Server > Favorites list, click the REFRESH button at bottom right.
To connect to the server, from the Server > Favorites screen either select the server from the list and click the CONNECT button, or right mouse click the server and select Connect to server.
The game should now launch and connect to the server. If a box is displayed confirming the game is 'Ready to play', click the PLAY GAME button to launch the game.
Q: I 've been playing in this month's tournament but my name doesn't appear on the league table, where is it?
A: Our systems only record the scores of players whose names have registered for the tournament. Check the League Tables page for links to the statistics pages for each game, checking each statistics page for your gamer name. If your gamer name is not present, your stats are not being linked to your GamerTag.
Your GamerTag must match exactly with the name you use within your game. Login to the My Account area, expand the 'Update Details' area and click the 'Change GamerTag' link. Your current GamerTag will be displayed in the 'Current GamerTag' box. Ensure the spelling and case of your GamerTag is exactly the same as your gamer name within the game, checking for spelling, case, any special characters, numbers, etc. If your GamerTag and gamer name match exactly, please contact Support using the details found in the Contact Us section at the foot of the page.
It is also worth noting that due to the mechanism for capturing the score from the game and processing it for the Gaming Service league tables there can be a delay of up to an hour for scores to filter through. This delay is game specific, depends if the 'round' has finished in the game you're playing and other factors.
Q: I 'm top of the league table, what do I win?
A: The fight for top of the leader board will go on until the end of the tournament, with different people holding the top slot at different times. It is the state of the Leader board at the end of the last day of the tournament that determines prize winners, at which point the Leader board will be frozen. If you are lucky enough to win a prize you will be notified by email or phone within two weeks of the tournament end. Delivery of prizes will then be arranged directly with you. What you can win varies every month, check here to see what prizes are currently up for grabs.
Q: I've just seen a player cheating on the Gaming Service servers, should they be disqualified?
A: If you witness any inappropriate behaviour, including cheating, abuse of other players, inappropriate name or graphics, or match rigging, please inform the Game Admins using the contact details located in the Contact Us section at the foot of the page. Please take screen shots if possible (Prnt Scrn – copies screen to paste buffer, open mspaint, and paste to copy screen image to program, save as a jpg.). Remember to include time and details about which server you witnessed the incident, remember that some Our Gaming Service Games have multiple servers. Our Gaming Service admins will review the evidence and take appropriate action, including if necessary, banning the player from Our Gaming Service tournaments, and disqualification of points.
Q: I haven't got a copy of the tournament game, how can I enter the competition?
A: Our Gaming Service Tournaments are designed to be as inclusive as possible, and we intend to only feature games that are either freely downloadable, or so well established and popular that most students will already have them. If you do not own a copy of one of the tournament games you are still welcome to enter the other tournament.
Q: I'm ace at this game, why don't you run a tournament based on it?
A: We may well do. Let us know which game it is and why it would make a good tournament game. You can contact us using the details located in the Contact Us section at the foot of the page. Remember that the tournaments are designed to be as inclusive as possible so the game should either already be popular and owned by a large section of fellow gamers or have a freely downloadable version that everyone can play.
Q: I want to use the Gaming servers for a private Clan match, can you give me the server admin password
A: Our Gaming servers are for use by all our Gaming members and so unfortunately we cannot issue admin passwords for private matches.
Q: What are the rules for entering tournaments?
A: These rules apply to all our Gaming Tournaments
Registration of your name into a tournament implies full acceptance of all our Gaming tournament Terms and Conditions
Cheating is prohibited in any tournament. Cheating includes use of 3rd party software aids, exploitation of game or map bugs, network traffic interference, collusion with other players to artificially boost scores, or any behaviour regarded as cheating in the eyes of the Gaming Service admins.
Players are not to abuse other players on our Gaming Service servers. This includes abusive in game chat, use of abusive or insulting names (or graphics in games which allow them)
Penalties for infractions of our Gaming Service Tournament Terms and Conditions will be decided on a case by case basis, but can include, and is not limited to, disqualification from tournament, loss of our Gaming Service league points, banning from future tournaments, and loss of prize entitlement.
The algorithms used for deciding Gaming Service point allocation, and league position are designed to encourage fair and enjoyable game play for everyone. We reserve the right to modify these algorithms at any time.
Tournament prizes are supplied by 3rd party sponsors. Our Gaming Service will notify winners within two weeks of the end of a tournament to arrange delivery.
Our Gaming Service accepts no liability for the condition or late delivery of prizes, though will act as a mediator between prize winners and sponsors if there are problems.
Prizes are non transferable, and may not be redeemed for cash.
Winner's names, and halls of residence may be used for marketing purposes
Our Gaming Service Admin decisions are final.
Q: I've joined Our Gaming Service but I still get lag when connecting to some online servers, why is that?
A: There are a number of factors which effect how well a multiplayer game plays on your machine.
Does your machine have the specs to play the game smoothly? This is normally down to the graphics card and a lot of laptop machines do not have the necessary graphical power for fast action games.
The connection from your machine to the game server.
The power of the Game Server machine, and specifically how many internet connections it can handle simultaneously. Someone hosting a game on their personal machine connected to the internet with a domestic internet connection might be able to handle a couple of people connecting and playing with no noticeable problems, but as more people connect everyone might start experiencing lag even though they weren't when only a few were playing. Try connecting to a properly hosted game server (like our Gaming Service servers) and see if your lag problem goes away.