Why our service is better than ever

Why our service is better than ever

Louise Fisher
23rd March 2018

At StudentCom, we’re always looking for new ways to make our customer’s lives easier. Over the past few years, we’ve been committed to improving our products and services so that we can continue to apply the highest standards to everything we do.

Better, faster, stronger

Our priority is providing the fastest, most reliable Wi-Fi to our customers 24/7, 365 days a year, but on top of that we’ve been working on a few other things we think you should know about.

Innovative Products

Help & Support App

In 2017, we launched the StudentCom Help & Support App. We know that internet means everything to students, and having the best Wi-Fi performance is vital for every aspect of their lives, whether working, gaming, socialising or watching movies.

So, if 24/7 Service Desk support, Twitter support, Live Chat, email and a dedicated YouTube support channel wasn’t enough, we also have an app that provides concise advice and guidance in an easy to consume digital format. After all, 64% of all students access our network on a tablet or mobile device.

Web Filtering

It’s always important to protect our students when they’re online. With StudentCom’s Web Filtering, you can protect your students from web-based threats and sensitive information without any additional management required by your university or accommodation.

Each URL your student visits is analysed against a web categorisation system powered by Symantec, the global leader in cyber security. In simple terms, this means if your student is trying to visit a page that has been categorised as a threat or contains sensitive information (such as violence or drugs), they will be directed to an intercept page or blocked completely, the option is up to you.

New improved network

Moving in to new student accommodation can be a very stressful time for students, so we've adapted our network to help them feel more at home from the moment they arrive. Students can connect multiple devices with ease and what’s more, our network allows their devices to interact with each other (think wireless printer or speakers with phone and laptop). Most new students are used to this standard of Wi-Fi at home, so why shouldn't they have the same or better at uni? Our network broadens the horizon on what you can do with your Wi-Fi. Whether it’s using Alexa to control your lights, or printing a document in your room whilst sitting in the communal area, this simple to use system isn’t just for techies, it's for everyone.

We know students better than anyone else

Campuslife and Glide

Whilst StudentCom started life as a cabling and broadband provider, the acquisition of Campuslife and Glide means we can offer so much more to students. Due to each brand's close relationship with students we're better equipped to design easy to manage utilities, communications and internet solutions to meet and exceed their expectations.

Research and innovation

Our ongoing research through focus groups, surveys, studies and attending sector relevant talks and conferences means we stay ahead of the game. Rather than assuming what our students want and need, we are proactive in getting right to the heart of issues impacting our students, universities and accommodation providers. Whether it’s looking at the impact of the TEF framework on accommodation, finding out the expectations of Generation Z or sending our Sales & Marketing Director back to university to re-experience student life for a week, we like to go the extra mile!

Chat to us

If you want more information on how a managed internet service can enhance your students’ online experience, give us a call on 03333 800 800, email us at hello@studentcom.co.uk or visit our website www.studentcom.co.uk

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