Why IconInc work with StudentCom

Charlotte Griffiths
9th February 2018

IconInc, a market leader in luxury student accommodation, tell us why a fast Wi-Fi connection is a necessity for their students.

With the accommodation featuring top-class facilities such as gym, cinema, and sauna, Wi-Fi forms a fundamental part of their service offering. Josh Buckley, the Accommodation Manager for IconInc, said, “We find it a particularly important feature that we provide good Wi-Fi. If you look at all the facilities that we offer and the level of service we provide, good Wi-Fi should be a basic.”

With over 200 students in the building who are heavily dependent on the Wi-Fi, it is very important to have a seamless connection. Whether it’s for work, social media, gaming, or streaming TV shows, being able to connect straight away when moving in is key for keeping students happy and getting them off on the right foot.

Notes to the Editor

Enhance your students’ online experience with better Wi-Fi for student accommodation.

Today’s students have high expectations of their online experience while at university. Students want fast and seamless internet access, great content and reliable support. The quality of the online experience is a key factor in university choice, so universities and accommodation providers need to provide a complete managed internet service that exceeds expectations. That’s exactly what StudentCom delivers.

Managed Client Internet Service

From in depth monthly service reports, annual reviews and the provision of marketing materials to a student friendly Service Desk and onsite support, StudentCom will provide everything you need for a fully reliable managed internet service for both you and your students.

Wi-Fi for Student Accommodation

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