Was the internet a factor in students' university choice?

Darren Henwood
8th May 2018

As a business whose speciality lies within the true understanding of students, Campuslife were approached by StudentCom with a mission to better understand their end users, the students.

We held a focus group with a select group of university students to gather first-hand information around their online habits, internet usage, attitudes towards the internet, university and accommodation.

The session provided us with crucial information and valuable insights highlighting ways in which the business can shape their products and offerings going forward.


We surveyed five 18–22 year old students, all in their first year at university, all staying in varying student accommodation options (university halls and private providers) and all using various internet providers.

Focus Group: Attitudes Towards the Internet

To understand how much of a factor the internet is when choosing their university and if there are any expectations of it before arriving. Likewise, what their attitude is now v.s those initial expectations. Additionally, to gain a deep understanding of what they use the internet for within their accommodation on a daily basis.

Student Profiles

Melissa Wilson

Age: 21

Course: Adult Nursing

Hobbies: Cooking, vlogging

Melissa is a first year student living at IconInc, an all-inclusive luxury student accommodation. Rather than live with her parents in her hometown, she decided it was worth it to pay extra for her own high quality studio. She is less concerned with the social side of uni and more focused on her course. A current StudentCom customer, she’s also a vlogger on YouTube, filming her life as a nursing student in Leeds. She started vlogging when she tried searching for information on what student nursing was like and realised that there was nothing out there.

Barney Howe

Age: 19

Course: English Language & Literature

Hobbies: Films, musical theatre

Barney lives in self-catered on campus university accommodation using Resnet. Convenience and proximity to campus are the main factors which influenced his choice of accommodation. He chose to go to university for an equal mix of education and life experience. He presents two radio shows at uni and works on his social media profile to build recognition of this.

Amy Harrison

Age: 20

Course: English Language & Literature

Hobbies: Netball and looking after her family’s animals

The first of her brothers and sisters to go to uni, Amy worked during her gap year so that she didn’t need to have a part time job during term time. Even though she’s from the area, she chose to live in university accommodation (using Resnet) as she wanted to immerse herself completely in student life. Cost was a big driver for her when selecting her university accommodation.

Dom Friel

Age: 19

Course: Economics

Hobbies: Cricket

Dom lives in self-catered on campus university accommodation using Resnet. He has always had an interest in politics and economics, and after taking a gap year he decided to pursue his passion further. Dom wanted to go uni regardless of the cost, both his older brother and parents had described it as the ‘best time of their lives’ and he wanted the same experience. He enjoys keeping up to date with politics on Twitter and BBC News.

Tian Xie

Age: 22

Course: Media & Communications

Hobbies: Ballroom and Latin dancing, painting, reading and travelling

Tian is from the Jiangsu Province in China, near Shanghai. Living with five other Chinese students in a Unite Students property, she is also a StudentCom customer. Tian is studying for her Master’s degree in Media & Communications and spending nearly double the amount of money on her tuition compared to UK students. Tian has tried to immerse herself in British life through joining university societies, she also enjoys online gaming.

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