Great expectations of Generation Z

Great expectations of Generation Z

Clare Trigg
15th April 2016

Great expectations - Generation Z research reveals majority of 15 to 18 year olds think university is worth the cost in the future

  • 87% think university allows them to become more independent with 92% stating that university is important to get a good job in the future
  • Generation Z has an average of three devices and prioritise high speed Wi-Fi over meals and laundry facilities reveals new StudentCom research
  • 78% worry about how much university will cost, however 81% feel it’s worth the cost in the future

As the most studied generation in history, new StudentCom research has revealed the great expectations of Generation Z. Raised on smartphones, it seems technology and education are at the forefront of 15 to 18 year olds’ minds, with almost all stating they plan on attending university and a further 73% ranking high speed internet as the most important accommodation facility when they get there.

The research report also uncovered the dependence on tablets, smartphones and other Internet devices, with eight in ten 15 to 18 year olds confessing that they can’t live without internet and almost all owning their own smartphone (92%) and using social media to stay in touch with their friends everyday (91%).

Over 73% of the 15 to 18 year olds questioned ranked fast Internet connection above an onsite gym, a double bed and modern facilities. The independent research conducted by StudentCom, an innovative broadband solutions provider,also revealed that 79% identify Snapchat as their number one social media, followed by YouTube and Twitter at 76%.

Tom White, Marketing Director at StudentCom, comments: “Generation Z represents the consumers of tomorrow, and businesses need to consider and adapt today to future proof their business models. Our research is really revealing of Generation Z’s expectations; it’s clear that internet and the ability to communicate online is essential to this generation, and this acts as a strong motivator when it makes decisions, be it university accommodation or where to spend time.”

StudentCom offers innovative broadband solutions, delivering high speed Internet to universities, colleges and private accommodation providers across the UK. To download the StudentCom whitepaper or access the research videos please visit the StudentCom website or follow StudentCom on Twitter and LinkedIn

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