3 things you didn't know StudentCom offered...

3 things you didn't know StudentCom offered...

Louise Fisher
14th February 2018

Here are 3 you might not know we offer...

1) Third party services

What other services do you have or plan to have in your building? CCTV, Building Management Systems? Laundry facilities? To make things easier for you and your third party companies, we make sure all these devices can effectively connect to our network meaning it’s not just your students who’ll enjoy our internet services.

2) Student stopped paying rent?

We understand that Wi-Fi is absolutely essential for day-to-day life for our students. So if you're having problems with a student not paying their rent, we can suspend their internet access on your request until the issue is resolved. We often find this helps remind them their rent is due!

3) Awesome TV packages

Busy schedules mean that students are rarely watching live TV anymore. What do they want instead? A quick connection so they can stream on demand whenever they want. We also offer an extensive range of Sky Sports channels plus entertainment, music, and international channels.

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