The perfect fit in the jigsaw of happy student living

The perfect fit in the jigsaw of happy student living

Adam Omar
15th February 2018

Thought internet was just internet, right? Wrong!

If you want your student accommodation to run an internet solution that has been created with YOUR students in mind, StudentCom could be the right fit for you.

We’re super-fast and reliable.

We have to be! Internet is like any other utility these days, in fact if a student were to move into accommodation and find there was no water or internet, it’s the internet they’d contact you about first! We know that students want to be connected to high speed, reliable internet all of the time. No internet = the end of the world.

There’s a reason why many universities and leading PBSA providers have chosen to work with us – University of Exeter, Nottingham Trent University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Unite Students, Fresh Student Living, UPP, YPP, to name just a few! It’s because they know we’re specialists in our field and deliver the kind of service students expect.  

A home from home experience

At home, you wouldn’t give a second thought to being able to connect multiple Wi-Fi devices to your network and allowing them to connect with each other. Think printer and laptop or wireless speakers. Imagine how frustrating it would be if you couldn't do that anymore? In student accommodation, it’s not an unfamiliar situation.

This is why we're developing our network so that students feel right at home in their accommodation. Built to deliver residents expectations, all Wi-Fi devices will be able to connect and communicate on the StudentCom network.

A managed service

What does this actually mean? Put simply, we take care of everything. From the cabling through to launch right through to ongoing support. We know there’s a million other things you need to be doing, and looking after your internet is one you’d rather not have on your list. So let us do it!

Internet is at the heart of what we do - and we provide some pretty special add-ons...

Ever been in a position where you really want to tell all of your tenants something and know they’ve acknowledged it? Got something crucial you need to communicate and feel like a poster in reception or an email to an overcrowded inbox just won’t cut it? Health and safety, fire safety, operational messages about inspections or maintenance work or even events taking place within a property. This couldn’t be easier with our Browzer platform.

An online portal that helps you get your messages seen and heard by your residents. It’s a clever piece of technology that allows you to create one piece of content and push it out across all your chosen platforms, from the actual Browzer platform itself to your website, social media channels and emails. You say something once, it reaches them all, and we track engagement so we know how many people have seen it.

We’re convinced we’re the right internet provider for you, so get in touch and let us tell you more.

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