How to make the most of the Easter holidays
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Author: Eleanor Brimelow

With second term coming to a close, four weeks back home is the next port of call for the majority of students. And whilst enjoying your mum's cooking and watching Jeremy Kyle can be fun for a few days, its important to take those four weeks and plan your time wisely, so you can go back after the Easter break ready for the final summer term and the all-important exams.

1. Make an exam revision timetable and stick to it


Use the Easter Break to revise. Whilst exams may not seem just around the corner yet, the earlier you start, the less stressed you will feel when you go back to uni. And with a schedule clear of lectures and seminars, youll have more time to devote to pure revision, without worrying about balancing everything else.


    2. Consider work experience


      Whilst summer is typically the time when students complete internships and work placements, its worth considering taking on work experience ranging from one to two weeks over the holidays, if you can. If you cant get work experience, consult the yellow pages, and call around local places, and see if you can do a days job shadowing.

      3. Take a trip


      It may not be the time (and not necessarily wise) to take a big holiday during your four weeks off, but instead, think about organising a road trip with family or friends, or visiting a part of the UK you havent before.


        4. Meet up with old friends and stay in touch with uni ones


          Take the time to meet up with old friends, and have a good old catch-up over coffee. Dont forget whilst your away to maintain your relationships with university friends, so there is no sense of distance when you get back.

          5. Break down what you need to do with a to-do-list


          And oldie, but a goodie. By writing everything down and ticking off what youve got done, your mind will be de-cluttered, and youll have a sense of achievement that you know for sure what you have accomplished day to day.


            6. Try a new hobby or learn a new skill


              Think about your career plans, and certain skills that would make you stand out. Consider learning a new sport, or taking a few dance classes to see what you enjoy. Or perhaps learn a new skill, like photography, or learning a new language.

              7. Plan ahead for third year


              Yes it seems ages away, but before you know it youll have to choose your third year modules-so make the time now to look at the options and make a decision. Remember to consider where you may have gone right or wrong in picking your second year modules, and choose things that you will enjoy. Now is also the time to think about whether you will consider applying for any club committee positions. On a sports team or part of a society? Why not apply to be social secretary or treasurer? Already got a position? Go for President!


                8. Make an organised filing system


                  If you havent already, organise your lecture and seminar notes into weekly slots with a filing system, using brightly coloured labels to mark which week and topic they cover. Plastic compartment folders, available at most stationary shops, are an organised and light, cheap way to effectively organise your work.

                  9. Make goals for the summer


                  Apply for an internship, plan which festivals youd like to go to, whether its Download or V, and plan a summer holiday. Setting goals is motivating and gives you something to look forward to, so you can effectively prioritise your time in the present.

                  10. Make the Most of the Easter weekend


                  Easter weekend takes place from the 29th of March to the 1st of April, with two Bank Holidays on the Friday and Monday. Dont waste these four celebratory days, but plan something fun. If youve got little brothers or sisters, why not take them on an Easter egg hunt in one of The National Trust parks? Or on the Sunday, watch the Boat Race 2013 Oxford vs. Cambridge on The River Thames.