8 wireless gadgets students are using right now!

8 wireless gadgets students are using right now!

Louise Fisher
15th February 2018

So, we know students bring phones and laptops to uni, but what other wi-fi devices are they using on a daily basis in their student accommodation?

We did a little research to find out which high-tech tools they've got at their fingertips today, and how and when they're using them. Here's what they said...

Portable wireless speakers - for creating the right mood

Flat pre-drinks aren't the same without a little music, and with wireless speakers you can connect to any device whether you're in your flat, the communal room, or your mate's flat down the hall.

Wireless headphones - for getting in the zone

Over-ear headphones are key for those "do not disturb" moments, instantly letting everyone know you're chilling out listening to music, studying or watching a film. But many students are also opting for sets with Bluetooth and a built-in microphone so they can interact whilst gaming or chat to their friends hands-free when they want to. The best of both worlds!

My Passport Wireless Pro - for storing all your files

External drives like this one have room for thousands of MP3s, hours of your fave films and boxsets, photos, work files and more! And being wireless means you can easily transfer files from all your devices whenever you like.

Google Chromecast - for enjoying whatever show you want, whenever you want

Perfect for streaming videos, this handy little dongle allows you to watch all your favourite shows on a big screen. Especially good if your mate leaves their Netflix account logged on so you can share it with them!

Wireless Charging Pad - for staying connected 24-7

Your phone dying is a student's worst nightmare, so it's no surprise a charger made this list. What's great about a wireless charging pad is that you don't need to search for a plug socket and you can charge multiple types of phone from this one pad, meaning your flatmates can borrow it even if you have different devices. And it looks pretty cool too.

Amazon Fire HD - for on-the-go viewing

Students like to keep themselves entertained at all times, and when a device is as lightweight and easily portable as this one, it'd be rude not to! With up to 12 hours of battery life, a vibrant 8" HD display and 1.5 GB of RAM and Dolby Audio, it's the perfect alternative to lugging your laptop around with you.

Wireless Keyboard - for high-tech typing

Connect your Wi-Fi keyboard to any device (for instance, your Amazon Fire HD) and work or play wherever you are. Most have low-profile keys for comfortable, quiet typing and a touchpad so you don't need a mouse.

Wireless printer - to save you going to the library to print

Many students prefer to use their own printer rather than one at uni, and most will opt for a wireless model so they can easily connect any device and print everything from photos to essays in minutes!

And our prediction for next year?

Wireless rice cookers and slow cookers. These are already on the market but the hefty price tags make them unattainable for most students. However, with the demand for rice cookers and slow cookers on the rise, we're sure to see a few budget-versions out next year, meaning students can control their cooking without even being in the kitchen!

These are just a few of the gadgets students are using in halls today, and with students quite often expecting to use them all at the same time, it's important your wi-fi can keep up. Because of this, we've made sure our's can!

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